Ekspres Clatronic KA 3328



Ekspres Clatronic KA 3328

Clatronic Ekspresy_przelewowe

Experience aromatic coffee enjoyment with Clatronic!
The compact and powerful KA 3328 coffee maker from Clatronic for up to 10 cups (approx. 1 litre) brews you enjoyable coffee and sets new accents in your kitchen with its timeless design. You can see whether the appliance is switched on by the illuminated on/off switch with indicator light.

Simply lean back and start your day perfectly – with a coffee from Clatronic.

With a filling volume of approx. 1 litre, you get 8-10 coffee cups per jug.
The filter insert (paper filter size 1×4) is easy to remove for quick and easy cleaning.
The transparent water level indicator is equipped with a scale. When filling the water tank, the water level for the desired number of cups can be read off at any time.
The two double-walled thermos keep your coffee hot for a long time. In addition, the machine is equipped with an anti-drip device that automatically closes when the jug is removed. In this way you avoid annoying coffee drops.

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